Soft Story Retrofits

The cost of a soft story retrofit can vary widely based on many factors, including, but not limited to, the existing condition of the building, size, and who does the work.  Expenses include the cost of hiring an engineering firm to design the seismic retrofit plans, paying for the permit itself, along with any expediting fees, and hiring a contractor to complete the construction. 

Benefits, however, are immediate.  For those subject to the mandatory program, the largest benefit is the elimination of notices of violation, and subsequent fines, for non-compliance.  In addition, any seismic retrofit will greatly increase the safety and structural soundness of the building, and increase its value.  Furthermore, other necessary or desired work can be added on to the permit for building improvements, and work on these can be done simultaneously with the earthquake retrofit, which cuts costs from doing these separately. 

To the benefit of building owners, new legislation was passed to allow for new units to be added to most buildings that have undergone mandatory or voluntary soft story retrofits.  This can increase the value of the building itself, while also creating additional income and increasing the city’s housing supply.

What SF Garage Co Can Do For You

Here at SF Garage Co, we specialize in seismic retrofitting.  Our firm can both help prepare plans for new units, design, construct, and engineer the soft story retrofit.  Our firm was one of the first to begin submitting permits under this ordinance, and we have the most experience of any company with the process and requirements. In addition, we work hand-in-hand with our sister engineering firm, Mercury Engineering, to offer easy and affordable construction.  Together, we can provide an all-in-one experience that no other company in the Bay Area can match.